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SB Nation Reacts: Will other teams lose games to COVID-19?

And other results from the latest Reacts survey.

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Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send out questions to the most plugged in Cubs fans, and fans across the country. Sign up here to join Reacts.

You all know about the Cardinals and their positive COVID-19 tests, the fact that they haven’t played in two weeks, and the Cubs’ two upcoming doubleheaders against them.

Due to that and other COVID-19 quarantines, MLB teams have played anywhere from five to 21 games. So far, at least 10 teams have already missed at least one series of action because of quarantines, and MLB is going to try to make up all of the missed games. Fans believe the league will be able to make these games up and 90 percent of fans think less than half the league will miss a series or more of games.

And Saturday we learned the Reds are having some games postponed due to COVID-19:

Among other things, 2020 has been the year of the MLB player legacy. Some of the game’s biggest young stars have last names that longtime fans will undoubtedly recognize.

Those young players have not only found their way into starting lineups across the league, they are becoming some of the biggest stars in baseball. This week, fans were asked which of these players they think is currently the best in baseball. According to the SB Nation Reacts results, San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. has claimed the title.

Tatis Jr. earned 41 percent of the votes, followed by Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger with 34 percent and San Francisco Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski’s 18 percent.

Both Tatis Jr.’s and Bellinger’s fathers played in the big leagues while Yastrzemski’s grandfather is Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski.

One of the things that has propelled Tatis Jr. to the top of this list is his power surge this season. The infielder leads the league in home runs and total bases and for a stretch early in the year had a slugging percentage over .800.

However, he wasn’t alone in having an outrageous early-season stat line. When asked what the most ridiculous stat is so far this season, fans jumped to Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon who has been hitting over .450 and improving. (Stats listed below are as of the date of the survey, August 9.)

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