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Outside The Confines: Another NL Central team downed by COVID

This weekend it was the Reds who were unable to play thanks to coronavirus.

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We won’t dwell too heavily on the highlighted topic today, as most of the articles I’m sharing will have a lot more to say (in a much more well-structured fashion) than I can in a little blurb, but let’s hit the high points.

It seems that the NL Central has become something of a hotbed for coronavirus activity. First it was the Cardinals missing a myriad of games thanks to multiple postiive cases among players and staff, and now it’s the Cincinnati Reds who have been set back by it, with a positive case postponing most of their weekend series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Don’t expect to see any makeup games any time soon, either.

All this, of course, as the Cardinals have returned to play this weekend in preparation for a very long slog of double-headers as they attempt to make up for lost time.

Now let’s get into the news.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.