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Cardinals/Tigers series postponed, Cubs are St. Louis’ next scheduled opponent

Could positive COVID-19 tests affect the Cubs this weekend?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball today postponed the four-game Cardinals/Tigers series, which was scheduled to begin in Detroit Tuesday.

This was because of 13 positive COVID-19 tests in the Cardinals organization. MLB’s press release indicated this included seven players and six staff members.

MLB reports that the Cardinals, who have been in quarantine since Thursday, will stay in Milwaukee and their personnel will continue to be tested daily. The tentative plan is for the team to resume its regular schedule on Friday against the Cubs in St. Louis.

Note that says “tentative.” Other teams who have been affected by COVID-19 positive tests have missed a week of play and then resumed; the Phillies were supposed to play the Yankees in New York today and tomorrow, then in Philadelphia Wednesday and Thursday to resume their schedule. Now that’s in jeopardy for another reason:

The “weather” referred to is Tropical Storm Isaias, which is currently heading up the East Coast. The Marlins, who also missed more than a week due to positive COVID-19 tests, are currently scheduled to resume play tomorrow against the Orioles in Baltimore.

So we’ll keep track of this here and hope that the Cubs can indeed play in St. Louis Friday, presuming there’s an “all clear” given to the Cardinals by then.

As always, we await developments.