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Royals 13, Cubs 2: Do-it-yourself recap

Bad game. Bad, bad game. Go away and don’t come back.

The look on Tyler Chatwood’s face says it all
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Thursday evening in Kansas City, the Cubs were crushed by the Royals 13-2. Thoroughly, completely, utterly crushed.

Rather than give you my own recap to this drubbing, I thought I’d let you put together your own. Here you go! (NOTE! If you are reading this article via Google AMP or Apple News, you will have to go to a regular web browser to be able to read the words below, or click “desktop site” on your mobile browser.)

The Cubs never had a chance in this game. They the Royals.

The Royals scored

The Cubs scored
The Cubs' runs were driven in by

Tyler Chatwood had two great starts coming into this game, but this time, not so much. He allowed more runs than .

The Cubs bullpen . It didn't really matter because they couldn't get to within . This was the Cubs' most lopsided defeat since The good news (maybe!) is that the Cubs won eight of their next 12 after that loss.

After Chatwood, the Cubs pitchers who finished the game

Craig Kimbrel got an inning in garbage time and

The Cubs' record is now
But that doesn't matter, because

Friday night in St. Louis, the Cubs will

In that game, the Cubs will send Jon Lester to the mound to face Daniel Ponce de Leon, and Lester will...

Saturday's game will be televised on

Manager David Ross' comments after Friday's game included:

Just to end this recap of this bad game on a high(ish) note, here are the two Cubs runs, with Pat Hughes’ radio call.

Victor Caratini drives in a run! [VIDEO]

Nico Hoerner drives in a run! [VIDEO]

The Cubs still won three of the four games against the Royals, so that’s good. Oddity, and yes I know it doesn’t matter what TV channel the game is on, but the Cubs are now 10-1 in games televised on Marquee, and 0-2 on games televised on Fox. (Speaking of Fox — dump the fake fans, please. It looks stupid.) We hope for a better result tonight in St. Louis.