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Cub Tracks zeroes in

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Vic with the first knock
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Not-so-bad Yu.


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Yu Darvish pitched creditably and left with the lead but the bullpen couldn’t hold it and the Rockies prevailed, 9-8, in a typical Colorado game that pivoted on a on a pinch ground-rule double in the top of the eighth by Nico Hoerner that caused Kyle Schwarber to stay at third instead of scoring, There was also a curious combination TOOTBLAN in the top of the third by Anthony Rizzo and the normally dependable Javier Baez. Rizzo tried to take second on an oppo shot and was denied, and Javy was picked off. Naturally Schwarber knocked the cover off a double but was stranded. It was that kinda game. So much snafu that the broadcast was repeatedly interrupted.

So Ian Happ’s three-run circuit clout and Kris Bryant’s bases-loaded blast went for naught as Max Fried, up in the MLB bullpen on his throwing day, ended up getting into the game and giving up the game-winning homer. Tanner Scott will replace him in the ‘pen as he heads back down to Iowa for the remainder of their playoff run.

Fried wasn’t alone.

The simCubs are still 98-48, so it isn’t all bad, but they’re showing cracks late in the season and will have to find some spackle quick. Today Ryan Yarbrough (16-4, 2.99) will face St. Louis and tough right-hander Miles Mikolas (8-9, 2.84).

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