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Cubs announce 2021 spring training schedule

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There will be practice games in Arizona next spring.

Al Yellon

The Cubs Wednesday announced a tentative 2021 spring training schedule that has 33 dates — 18 at Sloan Park and 15 away games.

“Tentative” has even more meaning now, as baseball tries to navigate its way through the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Cubs say tickets will go on sale for these dates in January, though it’s entirely possible these games will be played, as is the case right now, without fans. But the team (and MLB, which also announced a full spring slate today) has to plan for the possibility of fans in the stands, even if it’s at a reduced capacity.

The 2021 Cubs regular season is tentatively scheduled to begin Thursday, April 1 with the Cubs hosting the Pirates at Wrigley Field.

Here are the spring dates announced by the Cubs. Home games in boldface. Some game times have been released; I will add the rest here when they are available. All times Central.

There’s also no word on TV coverage of these games, but as was the case this past spring I’d expect the majority of them (at least the Sloan Park games) will be televised on Marquee Sports Network. (ss) indicates split squad.

Sat 2/27: vs. Dodgers at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Sun 2/28: vs. Indians at Goodyear
Mon 3/1: vs. Athletics at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Tue 3/2: vs. Brewers at Maryvale, 2:10 CT
Wed 3/3: vs. Angels at Tempe
Thu 3/4: vs. Mariners at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Fri 3/5: vs. Indians at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Sat 3/6: vs. Giants at Scottsdale
Sun 3/7: vs. Reds at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Mon 3/8: vs. Rockies at Salt River Fields
Tue 3/9: vs. Diamondbacks at Sloan Park (ss), 2:05 CT
Tue 3/9: vs. Athletics at Mesa (ss)
Wed 3/10: vs. Rangers at Surprise, 2:05 CT
Thu 3/11: vs. Indians at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT
Fri 3/12: vs. Padres at Sloan Park. 2:05 CT
Sat 3/13: vs. Dodgers at Glendale
Sun 3/14: vs. Reds at Goodyear (DST begins)
Mon 3/15: vs. Brewers at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Tue 3/16: OFF DAY
Wed 3/17: vs. Rockies at Sloan Park (ss), 8:05 CT
Wed 3/17: vs. Mariners at Peoria (ss), 8:40 CT
Thu 3/18: vs. Royals at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Fri 3/19: vs. White Sox at Glendale
Sat 3/20: vs. Diamondbacks at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Sun 3/21: vs. Angels at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Mon 3/22: OFF DAY
Tue 3/23: vs. Rangers at Sloan Park, 8:05 CT
Wed 3/24: vs. Athletics at Mesa
Thu 3/25: vs. Giants at Sloan Park (ss), 3:05 CT
Thu 3/25: vs. Royals at Surprise, 2:05 CT
Fri 3/26: vs. White Sox at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Sat 3/27: vs. Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields
Sun 3/28: vs. Padres at Peoria
Mon 3/29: vs. White Sox at Sloan Park, 3:05 CT
Tue 3/30: vs. White Sox at Sloan Park, 2:05 CT