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Outside The Confines: The final days of the season are upon us

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As one of the strangest seasons in history draws to a close, some questions linger.

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Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

As the season draws to a close, many teams are eagerly watching the standings, checking on magic numbers, waiting for a postseason clinch or a division win.

The Cubs came close last night, but alas, a walkoff means they’ll need to wait a little longer. (Update: Losses from the Phillies and Reds mean the Cubs do indeed clinch a postseason berth!) Likewise the Rays‘ hopes of taking the AL East were put on pause by two New York teams: the Mets, who beat the Rays 5-2; and the Yankees, who refused to go gentle into the night, besting the Blue Jays 12-1.

One thing that the 14 teams not likely to make the postseason are watching is the race to the bottom to see who will get a top draft pick next season.

Initially there had been some rumors that the draft pick order would be decided in a combination of the standings from 2019 and 2020, but according to Jeff Passan (in an article below), it seems that the more likely option at this point is that the 2020 standings alone will determine the draft order.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.