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Cub Tracks lets it fly

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Cubs, simCubs, and MLB news

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Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Big Jon Lester threw a LOT of pitches in three-plus innings. The White Sox eat lefties. Something had to give. The fielding miscues didn’t help — Jon left with the bags juiced, two outs, and the lead. Ryan Tepera and possible AL MVP Jose Abreu took care of that. Seven earned, just like that.

Plenty of game left, yes? Arg. Still ...

Starting staff jostling for position:

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“The ball got away from him,” Sox manager Rick Renteria said. “He pitched him in and the ball got away.”

Weenie Baby Pee Pants White Sox

This is the team that is led by Tim Anderson, mind you, one of the bat flippingest, most fun players in the game. You’d think they’d be a little more mature about this stuff by now.

Brett Taylor.


The simCubs go to 111 with their win over the Cardinals. JHey had a big dayhey with two home runs. KB deposited a ball onto Waveland and Javy blasted the bleachers. Tyler Chatwood was the opener, and Alec Mills got the win in the middle, when the simCubs usually score their runs (ask Jesus Luzardo). The game was never really in doubt, even though it was tied for a while. It just had that kind of feel to it.

Today Ryan Yarbrough tries for 19 against Miles Mikolas and the Cardinals, who will be free to golf tomorrow. The game will ‘air’ at 11 a.m. CT. All game video and related material is available commercial-free, 24/7, at the BCB Media Center.

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