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Cubs postseason leaders: Hitters

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Most of them are from the 2016 era... but some old-timers make the lists, too.

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When I began this project in 2015, the vintage Cubs were dominant in everything but the power categories. By the time Kyle Schwarber hit his fifth home run, he was the team’s postseason career leader. However, it took a few cycles for the current names to pass the players of the Tinker-Evers-Chance days. That I began the deeper dive in something that fewer others have chosen to do is one of the better decisions I've made. Here are the Cubs hitting leaders.

While it seems obvious, even getting a slight head-start this postseason would be very useful for players like Nico Hoerner or Ian Happ. While three hits or five RBI won't get them on the Top 10 list this season, it positions them more effectively for the future. As useful as it is for a Jason Kipnis to have success, I most prefer it for players who figure to have a long career with the team, or already have.

I've mentioned a few times my most curious wish for this postseason. Outlasted division rivals? Cool. Getting Yu Darvish a second start? Of course. Making the LCS? Without a doubt. My Cubs season would be complete if Anthony Rizzo drives in two runs. If you find any errors in math, please correct me.


Kris Bryant 37
Anthony Rizzo 37
Javier Baez 34
Addison Russell 31
Willson Contreras 28
Ben Zobrist 27
Dexter Fowler 26
Jason Heyward 25
Kyle Schwarber 22

5 with 21

Plate appearances

Kris Bryant 159
Anthony Rizzo 154
Javier Baez 120
Addison Russell 117
Dexter Fowler 114
Ben Zobrist 105
Jimmy Sheckard 94
Frank Schulte 91
Willson Contreras 86
Harry Steinfeldt 86


Kris Bryant 145
Anthony Rizzo 138
Javier Baez 114
Addison Russell 110
Dexter Fowler 108
Ben Zobrist 96
Frank Schulte 81
Jimmy Sheckard 77
Willson Contreras 74
Harry Steinfeldt 73


Kris Bryant 17
Dexter Fowler 17
Anthony Rizzo 16
Javier Baez 12
Joe Tinker 12
Ben Zobrist 12
Frank Chance 11
Frank Schulte 11
Kenny Lofton 11
Kyle Schwarber 10


Kris Bryant 35
Anthony Rizzo 30
Dexter Fowler 28
Javier Baez 26
Frank Schulte 26
Addison Russell 22
Frank Chance 21
Ben Zobrist 21
Moises Alou 19
Kyle Schwarber 19


Kris Bryant 8
Dexter Fowler 7
Ben Zobrist 7
Anthony Rizzo 6
Jimmy Sheckard 6
Frank Schulte 6
Javier Baez 5
Johnny Evers 4
Addison Russell 4


27 different players have one postseason triple for the Cubs. Here’s the entire list. If either Kris Bryant or Jason Heyward has a triple this postseason, they’ll top the list with 2.

Home runs

Kris Bryant 6
Anthony Rizzo 6
Kyle Schwarber 6
Javier Baez 5
Dexter Fowler 5
Alex Gonzalez 5
Aramis Ramirez 4
Addison Russell 4
Willson Contreras 3

Hit by pitch

Anthony Rizzo 4
Frank Chance 3
Jason Heyward 2
Harry Steinfeldt 2

Stolen bases

Frank Chance 10
Javier Baez 7
Joe Tinker 7

Runs batted in

Addison Russell 19
Anthony Rizzo 18
Kris Bryant 16
Javier Baez 14
Kyle Schwarber 11
Aramis Ramirez 10
Dexter Fowler 9
Frank Schulte 9