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CBS is developing a series based on Andre Dawson’s... funeral home

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That might sound like an Onion headline, but it’s real.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Famer Andre Dawson is one of the most beloved Cubs in history, even though he spent only six years with the team.

His latest venture is operating a funeral home in his native Miami:

After making more than $25 million during a 21-year playing career that ended in 1996, Dawson started investing in mortuaries as part of a group formed by his brother Vincent Brown, a Miami attorney. A dozen years ago, Dawson had the chance to buy a funeral parlor in Richmond Heights, a neighborhood at the southern end of Miami that’s home to Second Baptist, the church he attends, and 15 minutes down the Don Shula Expressway from where he grew up. The closer Dawson looked at the deal, the more he realized it would require far more than a financial commitment. The state had shut down the business because of license violations. According to Dawson, the building’s interior and roof needed renovation. The owner was retiring and moving to Georgia. Taking on the challenge of actually running the place would pull Dawson into an entirely different occupation.

So Dawson’s been doing this for quite some time, and apparently has become quite successful and well-liked in that role, just as he was when he played baseball. You shouldn’t have expected anything less; that’s just his personality.

Now, CBS-TV is in development for a new drama series called “Closure” that’s based in part on Dawson’s life as a funeral director:

CBS has put in development Closure, a one-hour drama loosely based on the life of baseball Hall of Famer-turned-funeral home owner Andre Dawson, from Samantha Corbin-Miller (Swagger, Absentia), DeVon Franklin (Breakthrough) and his Franklin Entertainment and CBS Television Studios, where Franklin is under an overall deal.

Written by Corbin-Miller, in Closure, a beloved baseball Hall of Famer takes over his uncle’s funeral home in an unexpected second chapter of his career in the wake of the unsolved disappearance of his adult son. Rocked by his family’s loss, he and his three daughters — a homicide detective, coroner and trauma nurse, who each have their own parallel journeys in the business of death — commit themselves to helping others find the peace and closure their family hasn’t been able to yet.

Of course, Dawson didn’t have an adult son disappear, but the idea behind a Hall of Famer taking over a funeral home is the basis of the show. Dawson, per the link above, will serve as a consultant to the show.

Andre’s always been a class guy and this sounds like another interesting chapter for his life. The show is still in development, so it’s unknown when it’ll begin airing,

Congratulations to Andre and this show could be fun to watch, with a Cubs connection!