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2021 MLB draft

2021 MLB Draft: Day 3 open thread

The draft concludes today with rounds 11 through 20.

Here are 18 players the Cubs should consider for Day 3 of the 2021 MLB Draft

There’s still good value to be had in Rounds 11 through 20.

2021 MLB Draft: Day 2 open thread

The Draft continues today with rounds 2 through 10

2021 MLB Draft Open Thread: Who will the Cubs pick?

The Pirates are on the clock and the Cubs will have the 21st pick of the draft.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: July is nigh

The draft is just a couple of weeks away. Who should the Cubs select? And some thoughts about mock drafts.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Free thinking

A few thoughts about the draft and how a possible labor dispute might affect who’s chosen, and development.

2021 MLB Draft Prep and the NCAA super regionals

Which college players might be a fit for the Cubs?

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Jumping the market

Should the Cubs go after a reliever in the early rounds? Here’s one idea.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Selection integrity

A different way to look at draft picks, and details from the last week of college action.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: An NBA draft pick comparison

Years ago, a great college player flopped in the NBA. How can MLB teams avoid picking guys like this?

2021 MLB Draft Prep: MLB Pipeline’s mock Top 20 picks

And some more possibles for the Cubs’ No. 1 pick in July.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: A service interruption

A Twitter outage last week means a little less information.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: College bullpenning

And other notes from high school and college baseball draft prospects.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Where’d the stars go?

Plus, video from the last few days of some draft prospects.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Week 6, and thoughts on non-catching catchers

And other results from the past week of college baseball.

2021 MLB Draft Prep, Week 5: On not trusting pitchers

It’s hard to assess college pitchers, at times, for where they fit in the draft.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: A focus on college baseball, now in its fourth week

With lots of video.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Week 3 in review

A look at college baseball action from last week.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Do you believe in baseball lineage?

A current MLB player’s brother is a top draft prospect.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Division 1 college games resume

A look at 24 top draft prospects.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Tre Hondras, the College of Central Florida, and other thoughts

The college baseball season will be under way soon.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Opening weekend takes shape, and forcing a combine

College baseball is getting closer, plus a look at a high school kid throwing 98+.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: A mock draft a month from opening day

And, some thoughts about college baseball in 2021.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: Early January edition

A few thoughts, six months out from the draft.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: A look at some possible Cubs first-round picks

Here are some outfielders the Cubs could select.

2021 MLB Draft Prep: The Cubs will pick 21st in ‘21

So, where do we go from here?

2021 MLB Draft Prep: The basics, including a new date and venue — the All-Star Game

A few thoughts on the new draft procedure for next year.

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2021 MLB Draft

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