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Cubs free-agent target: Jurickson Profar

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His skillset seems to be just what the Cubs need.

Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

A number of you have mentioned this free agent in various comments, so I thought I’d address him in a full article.

Jurickson Profar was once thought of as the Next Big Thing.

He played briefly in the big leagues at age 19, despite having played no games above Double-A, then spent about half the next season in the majors with the Rangers.

It was clear, though, that he wasn’t quite ready and then he missed the entire 2014 season with a shoulder injury. He didn’t make it back to the big leagues until 2016.

He was very good with the Rangers in 2018 (2.2 bWAR season), not quite so good in 2019 with the Athletics, and then spent 2020 with the Padres, where he posted 1.4 bWAR in just 56 games.

Originally signed as a shortstop, Profar now mostly plays the outfield. He played all three OF positions with the Padres in 2020, as well as some second base.

A player with a skillset like this would be quite useful for the Chicago Cubs. He’s a switch-hitter who hits about equally from both sides (.721 career OPS batting LH, .701 batting RH). He could probably still fill in at shortstop from time to time if needed.

Profar turns 28 next month. That’s a bit hard to believe considering how long he’s been around — current Cubs coach Mike Napoli was one of his rookie-year teammates — but at that age, he’d probably be worth a two-year deal, or maybe one year with a team option.

Profar was scheduled to make $5.7 million before the pandemic pro-rated salary figures for 2020.

How about an offer like this? $3 million base, $1 million of incentives, then a $5 million deal for 2022 with a $1 million buyout.

Who says no?


Jurickson Profar...

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