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Should the Cubs sign Yadier Molina?

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Wait, hear me out.

Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

After having traded Victor Caratini to the Padres in the Yu Darvish deal and stating that Miguel Amaya wouldn’t start 2021 in the major leagues, the Cubs need a backup catcher.

Why not make that guy Yadier Molina, one of the Cubs’ biggest nemeses of recent years, and a player Cubs fans love to hate?

No, I’m serious. Check out this note about Yadi from Derrick Goold in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Molina, 38, repeatedly has made clear his preference to return to the Cardinals. He’s seeking a two-year contract, but recently acknowledged with the sluggish offseason that if an appealing offer isn’t there he’ll consider retiring.

“Getting ready as always and God will tell,” Molina said in an interview with Cardinals broadcaster Polo Ascensio set to run Thursday at noon St. Louis time on La Vida Baseball’s Facebook page. The interview was done in Spanish. “If God wants me to come back, then I’ll come back. And if not I will retire happy with my head held high.”

While it’s noted that Molina would like to return to the Cardinals, why not consider him as a backup to Willson Contreras? The two catchers have “gone at it” at times, but mostly I think that’s just the rivalry speaking and that they likely have mutual respect.

Molina hit .262/.303/.359 (38-for-145) with four home runs in the abbreviated 2020 season, worth 0.3 bWAR. He threw out five of 11 runners attempting to steal (45 percent), and his lifetime CS percentage is 40, an excellent number. He ranked 12th in 2020 on Statcast’s pitch framing leader board — just behind Contreras, who was 11th. (Caratini was sixth.)

Signing a guy like this away from the Cubs’ biggest rival would certainly enrage Cardinals fans, but you don’t do it for that reason. You do it because Molina is still, even at 38, a useful player and could probably give the Cubs a couple years’ worth of decent play as a backup. He wouldn’t need to play more than 40-50 games, and if the Cubs then trade Contreras and make Amaya their No. 1 catcher in 2022, Molina could be a good mentor for him.

Molina’s made his big money — $154 million in his career. He just wants a job. Oh, and I couldn’t resist using that particular photo for this article.

Two years, $5.5 million. Who says no?


Yadier Molina...

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