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Cubs sign international prospect Cristian Hernandez

He’ll get the largest bonus the team has ever paid to an amateur international free agent.

Danny Rockett

This has been rumored for months, and today the Cubs have signed Dominican shortstop prospect Cristian Hernandez:

$3 million is the largest bonus the Cubs have ever given to a 17-year-old amateur from the Dominican Republic. Per this article by Jesse Sanchez at, the Cubs still have a bit more than $2 million remaining to sign international free agents.

Here’s some video of Hernandez:

Here’s more video of Hernandez:

Here are some other IFA’s the Cubs are expected to sign Friday, the first day of the international signing period in 2021:

More on Ballesteros:

The Cubs have not officially announced these signings yet, and these players are all a long way from the big leagues. They’ll likely all go to the Cubs’ Dominican academy first, where (among other things) they’ll get classes in English. They’re not likely to play in affiliated ball in the USA until the summer of 2022, and we’re probably talking about 2025 (at least) before any of these players have an impact on the major-league roster.

But it does appear the Cubs have done well with today’s signings.