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Cubs and Ian Happ can’t agree on contract terms and will go to arbitration

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It’ll be the first Cubs arb hearing since 2018, if it happens.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Just when we thought the Cubs wouldn’t go to an arbitration hearing, they might have one with Ian Happ:

Happ’s projected salary range, per MLB Trade Rumors, was between $2.5 million and $4.6 million.

It is true that in the last couple of years, teams have done arbitration under a “file and trial” theory, where if the player isn’t signed by the deadline (Friday), they don’t hold further negotiations until the trial. But that could change at any time. If it doesn’t, the Cubs and Happ will go to an arb hearing, which will happen sometime in early February.

The last Cub to go to an arb hearing with the team was Justin Grimm in 2018. The Cubs “won” that when the arbitrator awarded Grimm the Cubs’ offer of $2.2 million instead of Grimm’s request of $2.475 million. Then the Cubs saved more money on Grimm by releasing him just before the date when they’d have had to pay him a larger portion of his contract.

“As always, we await developments.”