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Cub Tracks marks the spot

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Our treasures are buried deep, like the ledes of most of my articles.

The Cubs continue on in their seemingly shambolic fashion and we continue to document the results. Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, and Zach Davies have put their X’s on a document, at press time, The 2025 lineup looks ship-shape so far, too.

Ian Happ and the Cubs couldn’t agree, and he’ll be the first Cubs arb hearing since 2018. And in my opinion, only Tom Waits and Gordon Lightfoot (of living persons) should sing sea shanties.

Thanks for understanding.

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“‘Yes,’ Bill Veeck said, ‘I knew as soon as I heard you that the fans in the bleachers and the fans in the luxury boxes knew that they could sing better than you. If you had a good singing voice, you would intimidate them and they would not join in.’ — Harry Caray.

“... we need to find a way to get more action in the game, get the ball in play more often, allow the players to show their athleticism some more. Give the fans more of what they want.” — Theo Epstein.

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