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Cub Tracks’ cement shoes

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Them’s the brakes. Wait, what? Yeah, the Cubs are still filling the parking meters. I don’t know why they won’t sign anyone of major-league caliber when there are so many obvious holes. I don’t know why the brass won’t talk to the fans. Shhh.

Fans do have power, you know. But it’s largely been reduced to wallet-voting. I was out and about over the weekend and the car radio reminded me of John Scott. NHL fans don’t retain that level of influence any more. They’re not the only ones.

The Cubs are indulging in an unacceptable level of mismanagement, tank you very much. It appears that they will only win by accident, a philosophy that stood them well for 108 years. They’re not the only ones.

This is negotiating. It only looks like complicity because it is.

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