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Cub Tracks throws the sash

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Cubs fans hold out hope Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The closing of the championship window means that a new window must be opening, yes? At least a peephole? We need to see the new kandy-kolored metalflake blue dream clearly.

I’m looking forward to seeing some players sign that might potentially join forty-man Jenga. Personally, I have always had a yen for toolsy switch-hitters. They just tick off all of my boxes, especially if they can field slick and/or make consistent contact. People like Jurickson Profar and Greg Allen make good utility players, which is how they stick around in MLB. Not too many at-bats, though. They are useful, but the magic something isn’t always applied in a thick coat. Why is it that Hope springs eternal, yet often trips over her shoelaces?

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