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Cub Tracks’ the game is afoot

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It’s almost refreshing in this day and age of manufactured outrage to have real outrage. The antics of the Cardinals and Astros deserve censure ... in fact likely deserve more than they got. Their ‘offences’ were frankly outrageous, after all.

Somewhat less refreshing is having the outragee be the object of your own fandom, when, long after the bloom leaves the rose, the thorns remain. Is this the price of that piece of metal? Doctor my eyes indeed.

Love doesn’t necessarily mean blindness. It’s been pretty evident that the Cubs offices were suffused with a toxic culture for quite some time, Addison Russell, and it’s hardly a surprise to find that they’re not alone, given the nature of the men who have traditionally owned and operated such franchises. But now they face increased exposure, as more of their misdeeds have come to the light. That isn’t to say that they’re ALL bad, but that there is clearly some rot there.

Which is society in microcosm, but we don’t have enough Lemon Pledge in 7% solution to wax THAT philosophical. That said, it becomes verrrrrry interesting to see Theo Epstein jumping to another branch of baseball government, and it will be verrrrrry interesting to see what he does, and how fast MLB can run away or otherwise distance itself from what’s been uncovered recently.

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The Ricketts family is counting bags of peanuts now. Meanwhile, their baseball team is a shell of its former self. — Steve Greenberg.

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