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Cub Tracks’ snow-capped peaks

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#Cubs and #MLB news you can use.

There’s really not much for me to report today. At least not on the baseball side. I could say more stuff about how MLB is alienating fans, and how the Cubs and MLB are both representative of our ongoing national malaise, but those of you who need to know already do, and those who don’t ain’t gonna.

Jake Arrieta throws Friday. The Cubs will probably be there. I wouldn’t mind Jake, based on his peripherals and affordability, as a fourth or fifth starter. Your mileage may vary. Colin Rea, who was in the starter queue, thought Japan would be better than the Cubs. Hmm.

Hibernation might have been a better option. The article pic is of snow on Mt. Lemmon, highest peak in the area. It’s just pretty — no other reason for it.

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