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Outside The Confines: Hall of Shame

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The Hall of Fame votes have come under fire this year, as no one is elected for 2021.

2020 Hall of Fame Press Conference Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

For better or for worse, there were no players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. On Tuesday evening, with four hours of time scheduled to fill on MLB Network, there were no names called, no retrospectives to consider, and no praising speeches.

Not one eligible candidate hit the 75% mark of ballots, with derided former pitcher Curt Schilling getting the closest with just over 71%.

There’s been an awful lot of discussion lately regarding the Hall of Fame, its standard, its voters, and the ballots themselves (many of which I have shared in these posts over the past month or so), but I wanted to highlight two specific things today, in light of the news that there would be no new inductees this year.

The first is that Curt Schilling has evidently asked to have his name removed from the ballot for his final year of consideration in 2022, hoping to find better luck with the Veterans Committee among former players and staff.

The second, was this Tom Verducci video that came out hours before the announcement, rife with pretension, as Verducci waxes poetic over the weight and honor of the vote, all while talking about the importance of character and integrity in the same breath as he draws an X over Schilling’s name.

There is absolutely no reason for this video to be a full five minutes long, and yet I have to insist every single one of you watch the whole thing.

I have to note in watching that my bubbling fury over the notion that one vote was the deciding factor in putting Fergie Jenkins in the Hall of Fame. I’m sure it was meant to imbue importance in the vote, but to me it just indicates that way WAY too many voters have no idea how to vote to begin with.

And with that, let’s get onto the links.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.