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Outside The Confines: A Met heads north to Toronto

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Steven Matz adds to the Blue Jays impressive off-season. What this means for the Mets. Masahiro Tanaka heads home. A look at women in baseball. Milwaukee’s stadium has a new name.

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Or maybe Matz is going south to the Blue Jays. We don’t know yet.

I want to express my thanks to Ashley for handling all of that Cooperstown stuff in the last OTC. I know it was just her turn, but there is little that makes my head hurt more than stupid Hall of Fame arguments. The Hall of Fame as a museum is wonderful. The Hall of Fame as a thing that people argue about who “deserves to be in” or not is completely awful.

Tomorrow’s gonna be better, Buster.