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More Cubs prospects make Top 100 lists

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Two new Top 100 lists of prospects list three and two Cubs prospects respectively.

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Brennen Davis
Brennen Davis
Rikk Carlson

Thursday, we got not one but two rankings of the Top 100 prospects, both from two of the most respected evaluators of minor league talent. One of them has three Cubs prospects in the Top 100 and the other one lists two Cubs players.

The first ranking of prospects comes from MLB Pipeline, the official prospect site of Major League Baseball. The list is compiled by Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Mike Rosenbaum. The three Cubs they have ranked in the top 100 are:

60. LHP Brailyn Marquez

61. OF Brennen Davis

89. C Miguel Amaya

MLB Pipeline praises Marquez for his velocity (who doesn’t?) with a fastball that sits 97-98 mph and has touched as high as 102. His hard slider also makes life miserable for left-handers. They say he will need to improve his changeup to get right-handed hitters out consistently.

Davis is applauded for the progress he made at the South Bend alternate site last summer. He showed an ability to make the necessary adjustments to his swing after initially struggling badly against major-league-quality breaking stuff. They see his upside as a 30-30 center fielder with solid defense.

Amaya draws raves for his defense behind the plate and his ability to frame pitches. They note his defense is ahead of his offense, but that he’s got a lot of power in his bat if he can make enough contact in games.

The other Top 100 list comes from Keith Law of The Athletic. (subscription required) Law lists two Cubs prospects.

51. Brennen Davis

72. Brailyn Marquez

It sounds like Law is a big fan of Davis and only Davis’s lack of experience keeps him somewhat down on him. He thinks Davis could be a plus defender in center field with a tasty combination of on-base percentage and power.

Law is a little more hesitant on Marquez. Of course he loves the velocity on his fastball and the bite of his slider, but he’s not fond of Marquez’s delivery. He thinks that his pitching motion is tough to repeat and that’s going to lead to control issues if he can’t fix it. We certainly saw that in Marquez’s major league debut last September. However, Law does think that the downside of Marquez is a lights-out closer and yes, he does compare him to Aroldis Chapman.

We can all hope that we will get to see all three of these players at minor league ballparks this summer, unlike last year.