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Cub Tracks cashes reality check

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Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Well, the Cubs have made a couple of moves recently, so let’s add just a note of optimism to the prevailing theme of doom and despair. A grace note, perhaps, a motif to make the overall work all the better. Not a full modulation, but maybe a little melisma to sustain us over the bridge.

Perhaps it will eventually be a full chorus to drown out the boo-birds. Perhaps. I won’t go that far, myself. Things have been decidedly minor-key if not downright en diabolus musica, and really we shouldn’t expect anything radically different until after the CBA is renegotiated, since that’s what all of this is about.

I don’t think either side sees 2022 as a go, and all transactions are done with that in mind. Some of the back-line has moved to the front, and we’ll have to see if Mike Foltynewicz Chris Archer, Jake Arrieta, Carlos Rodon, Jeff Samardzija, Trevor Williams, or Rick Porcello sign with the Cubs. Maybe Kolten Wong?

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