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Cub Tracks rolls the bones

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It’s a dicey proposition, but the Cubs got out the checkbooks this weekend. Two pitchers and an outfielder join the squad heading into spring training, whenever that should happen. None are THE GUY that everyone wanted but all three have MLB innings under their belts and that has to count for something. We’re trying to mull over what it all means.

Kohl Stewart and Trevor Williams can at least be penciled into the rotation battle and Joc Pederson has the inside track to the left-field post at press time. It could be worse — in fact, it was, a few days ago.

Cub Tracks isn’t ready to take the lemon pledge yet, but we’ll track to wax a little more positive on these pages, at least until something untoward happens. However, we’re willing to gamble that the good times won’t last. The situation is far from static.

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“The Rickettses did not buy the Cubs to get rich. They already were rich.” — Paul Sullivan.

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