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Cubs historical sleuthing: Trevor Williams edition

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The new Cubs pitcher’s father sent out a tweet Saturday that requires sleuthing.

Saturday night, this charming tweet was sent out by Richard Williams, father of new Cubs pitcher Trevor Williams:

Richard Williams says in the tweet that this photo was taken at Wrigley, at night, in 2018. I checked Williams’ game logs from 2018. He pitched there twice in 2018 — April 12, which was an afternoon game, and September 27, which was a night game, but the game-time weather conditions were reported as 68 degrees and sunny, which doesn’t match the photo.

Also, Williams is wearing white pants in the photo, which hints that this photo was probably taken at PNC Park, where the Pirates would have been wearing their home white pants. The seats in the background look more like PNC seats than Wrigley seats, too.

There aren’t any other April games (when you’d have seen snow falling) Williams pitched in Wrigley Field at any time during his MLB career. And so, under the assumption that a game with snow falling would have to have been in April, I checked all of Williams’ April home starts in 2018.

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Trevor Williams started against the Rockies at PNC Park. I found MLB’s complete video of that game on YouTube. Game time temp was 34 and it was definitely snowing at times during that game:

Williams threw six solid innings that night, allowing four hits and two runs, but the Pirates got shut out 2-0. 2018 was Williams’ best year in the major leagues. He posted a 3.11 ERA and 1.178 WHIP and the season was good for 4.0 bWAR.

I also located this Getty Images photo of Williams pitching at PNC that night, with snow falling:

Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Thus, I am 100 percent certain that the photo in the tweet was taken April 17, 2018 at PNC Park. The announced attendance on that chilly, snowy night was 8,869.

Let’s hope Trevor Williams has as good a year for the Cubs in 2021 as he had for the Pirates in ‘18.

Welcome to the Cubs, Trevor, and welcome back to Trevor’s dad Richard!