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Today is National Bobblehead Day!

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A celebration of one of the best pieces of sports memorabilia.

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Let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?

As most of you know, I love bobbleheads.

They’re my favorite ballpark giveaway and I’ve got a collection of over 100 of them from various ballparks.

Today is National Bobblehead Day and in celebration, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee has issued three new Cubs World Series bobbleheads, pictured above.

With the release of bobbleheads for Albert Almora Jr., Carl Edwards Jr. and Chris Coghlan, every Cub who played in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series now has his own bobblehead. Did you forget that Coghlan played in Game 7? He did! He pinch-ran for David Ross after Ross walked in his final MLB plate appearance in the top of the ninth. Coghlan was forced out by Jason Heyward.

There’s also a new bobblehead honoring the South Bend Cubs’ 2019 Midwest League championship:

Bobbleheads are colorful and fun and you have a whole day to celebrate them. Here’s the article I wrote in September 2019 on my visit to the Bobblehead Museum in downtown Milwaukee — and seriously, if you’re ever in that area, definitely stop in. It’s fun and costs only $5.

Do you have some bobbleheads you like? Post photos of them in the comments.

Full disclosure: The Bobblehead Museum sent me samples of the four bobbleheads pictured in this article.