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Outside The Confines: Don’t punch walls

It’s as valuable a life lesson as any.

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Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

I love to hear about weird and wacky baseball injuries. Did someone get hurt building a barn? Playing video games? Moving a statue in their bathroom? To be clear, I don’t love it when players get hurt, and you want to see guys make it through the whole season, but I’m often absolutely gobsmacked by the myriad ways professional athletes can injure themselves.

This past week, Devin Williams joined the ranks of players who managed to seriously injure themselves in completely stupid ways.

Brewers pitcher Devin Williams, during the teams’ postseason clinching celebration, evidently became frustrated with... winning... or something... and punched a wall with his pitching hand. He will now require corrective surgery. I just have to ask: do you think he considered not punching a wall during a victory celebration? Or ever?

Also while I respect Todd’s reporting here, I have a very hard time believing someone will be able to pitch in the World Series less than a month after surgery.

Here’s a bit more on the whole debacle:

Now onto the rest of the links! (And don’t worry, Cubs baseball might end for the season this weekend, but we’re going to be here with new stories and fun happenings all offseason long.)

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.