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Cubs season ticket prices are going down for 2022... but not by very much

A bit less than a 2 percent decrease for bleacher seats.

Al Yellon

Cubs season ticket holders received their 2022 invoices Tuesday. In an email to STH last week, the Cubs said:

Following our annual review and thoughtful analysis, pricing will slightly decrease across all sections of the ballpark.

This turned out to be correct, at least for bleacher seating. My invoice reflects a decrease of about 1.8 percent from 2021 pricing. The price for 2021 was essentially the same as it was for 2020 (before the 2020 season was reduced to 60 games, none of which were attended by fans).

Here are the bleacher prices (not including the 12 percent amusement tax):

These prices are essentially unchanged from 2021; a couple of the tiers went down slightly and the number of games in each tier also was changed slightly, resulting in the 1.8 percent decrease. Here is the schedule of games showing which games are in each tier:

Times listed are tentative and subject to change, but as of now there are 34 night games listed, and even with the Cubs possibly not being in contention in 2022, you can figure there will be a handful of weekend nights added for Fox-TV and ESPN broadcasts.

The Cubs are asking for a nonrefundable deposit of 20 percent of the total by Thursday, November 18 and the balance to be paid by Wednesday, January 19. Among the perks noted in the email received Tuesday: Season-ticket holders are promised a “gift” (not specified on the material received), a free subscription to MLB.TV, a 15 percent discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages (same as 2021), presales for spring training and single-game regular season tickets and an “exclusive season ticket holder lottery” for the Field of Dreams game against the Reds next August 11 in Dyersville, Iowa, among others.

It remains to be seen whether this small decrease in pricing (and I do not know what the decreases are for seating areas outside the bleachers) will result in renewals remaining at current levels, or whether some STH might cancel. As I posted here in September, the Cubs had already begun calling and/or emailing people on the season ticket waiting list asking them to commit to buying season tickets for 2022. How much success they’ve had with that is not known at this time.

As always, we await developments.