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Cub Tracks’ sew and sews

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you, four days a week. Today I survived a beheading, er, a lipectomy, a removal of some fatty tissue from my neck and shoulders.

“Lipoma?” she said, laughing. “I didn’t know you graduated.” She always leaves me in stitches. I mean to say that she toasts my ravioli.

Welcome to October, Ichabod. In October 2021, the Cubs commenced the last series of the season, against the stinkin’ playoff-bound Cardinals, in boring old St. Louis, and fielded a lineup that nobody would have imagined in April, fresh off of a meatloafing of the Pittsburgh Pirates, with a battery of Abbott and Castillo, as the Cubs are getting a last look at as many guys as they can with an eye toward patching together the 2022 roster and containing what looks like an in-house COVID spike. I’ll just leave this here:

Synchronicity achieved! The roster looked reasonably en pointe. Cory Abbott didn’t embarrass himself out there with a quality start, and the team played hard and played well defensively. But they trailed by two runs, on solo homers by Tyler O’Neill.

Trayce Thompson said “I got this” and launched a drive into the left-field stands.

Nuts to Nootbaar. Alas, it wasn’t to be. It was pretty entertaining stuff, though

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“It’s a good time to be a good starting pitcher in free agency.” — Marcus Stroman

“I’m sure Nico wants to win and have a position, but I think to maximize the flexibility of the roster and our team, that could be a huge value.” — David Ross, on using Nico Hoerner at multiple spots.

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