The Schulte Poems, Oct. 24, 1910

During the 1910 season, the Chicago Tribune regularly published funny, sometimes hilarious, poems that it said were written by Frank Schulte, the Cubs' colorful, hard-hitting, lefty-swinging right fielder.

The poems actually were written by Ring Lardner, destined to become one of the great humorists of the early 20th Century, who was assigned by the paper to cover the Cubs that season.

This entry appeared 111 years ago today, the morning after Game 5 of the World Series between the Cubs and Athletics at Philadelphia.

The A's broke open a 2-1 game by scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the eighth and won the game, 7-2, to win the Series.


The year's at the fall.

The Cubs, they did lose.

It wasn't a snap

For the Mackmen to cop;

They trimmed us, that's all;

But old Syracuse

Is still on the map,

And all the trains stop.


Syracuse, N.Y., was right next to Cochecton, where Schulte had been born, in 1882, and where he lived in the off season.

Schulte went 1 for 4 in the final game. With 2 out in the third inning and the score 1-1, he smacked a single, only to be caught stealing moments later.

The Cubs were behind, 2-1, when he grounded into a forceout with 1 out in the fifth. He tried to steal again, and was thrown out again.

For Series, Schulte had a slash line of .412/.474/.588, for an OPS of 1.062. He had 4 doubles and 3 singles in his 17 at bats. He walked twice and struck out 3 times.

As a team, the Cubs batted only .234/.313/.316, .629.

The Athletics batted .322/.388/.469, .857.


Schulte did not go home to Syracuse immediately. The Cubs arranged to play a game on Oct. 27 against the Gunthers, one of Chicago's top amateur teams.

The game was not played, but resulted in perhaps Schulte's greatest poem. This series of posts will resume, to present that poem, on Oct. 28.

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