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Cubs 40-man roster coin-flips: Dakota Mekkes

His best chance to make the majors with the Cubs might have passed him by.

John Arguello

Sometimes, people have a hard time with holding two contrary thoughts in their mind at the same time. For instance, “I like the Cubs” and “I think the Cubs might finish in fourth place in 2022.” You might argue for third place or higher, but regardless of the topic at hand, it is possible, and very adult, to hold two dichotomous thoughts in mind. For instance, Dakota Mekkes is one of the few prospects I’ve interviewed. He was very forthright, and a likeable guy. His podcast is kinda fun. He’s had success in the Cubs pipeline. He should not be added to the 40-man roster in November.

Mekkes was a Cubs 10th-rounder in 2016 from Michigan State. From signing his pro contract through 2018, he was virtually bulletproof. Called up to Triple-A Iowa late that season, his string continued. But for a specific decision Mekkes made, the possibility existed a call-up to Chicago might have happened, then and there. However, he wanted to finish his education in East Lansing, and attended classes on a campus he truly loved. A bit as with the case of Astros pitcher Larry Yount, the future still looked very bright.

In 2019, Triple-A teams used MLB baseballs, and Mekkes struggled. 2020 came next, and that was largely toxic for most prospects. Mekkes had sporadic success in 2021, but someone was always the more logical call-up. To be opposed to Mekkes being added to the 40 isn’t about being opposed to Mekkes, merely the strategy.

If added to the 40-man roster in November, he couldn’t be bounced off the 40 until mid-March. That is, somewhat, to prevent cases specifically like this. If another team thinks he’s worth a 40-man roster spot, then so be it. I get to wish him well and hope the Cubs end up regretting it.

Likely, though, he’ll start 2022 in Triple-A with Iowa, jockeying with Manuel Rodriguez, Ben Leeper, and a handful of other arms to be the next guy called up. If he’s the best guy, as a move needs to be made, he should be the choice. However, since late 2018, he hasn’t been.


Should Dakota Mekkes be added to the 40-man roster before the Rule 5 deadline?

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