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Cub Tracks’ snappy comebacks

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you, sunshine. Today is the last day of the regular season. The Cubs will be going home. I know it feels weird but it is a fact. We live in interesting times.

Saturday night the Cubs played the stinkin’ Cardinals on the shores of the Missus Hip, in the penultimate game of the year for our boys in blue. Most of those Cubs won’t be back, at least not at the MLB level. I’m sure we wish them all well as humans, but would prefer that they ply their trade elsewhere. At least 27 (28? 29?) of the men who appeared in a Cubs uniform during the 2021 season are not going to wear it next year (a bunch anyway).

In the mean time, we will tread water until December, when we will presumably find out the status of CBA negotiations.

Speaking of ‘offing’, Trayce Thompson might have Bob Gibson’d Jon Lester. Trevor Megill seemed determined to cough up the lead asap but he curbed the impulse and only gave up two runs. Michael Rucker went one better and did give up the lead, but these guys have some snappy comeback to them.

Some of these guys will come back. The Cubs will likely try to extend a couple of players along with David Ross. Extensions are said to be in vogue right now. Other guys might get ST looks. Breakfast during the offseason will be roster turnover with a side of linked to unknown sources. The Cubs don’t have much trade bait. I don’t think Willson Contreras or Kyle Hendricks are going anywhere. Happ likewise — he looks to have played himself into the future.

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