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Outside The Confines: Award season is underway

On Thursday we learned the winners of the 2021 Silver Slugger awards.

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Think what you will about some of the varied awards handed out in the MLB offseason (I tend to believe the folks giving out Gold Glove awards didn’t actually watch any games, but that’s just me), but they matter. They matter in terms of arbitration discussions, and in terms of reflecting on the career of a player when Hall of Fame time comes around. So whether or not we agree with the finalists or the selection, the accolades can have long-term effects on a player.

We’re beginning to see the winners of these awards named, and in terms of the most recent award, on Thursday night the Silver Slugger winners were announced. Where the Gold Glove is meant to shine a spotlight on defensive prowess, the Silver Slugger is given for red-hot offense. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise to see names like Shohei Ohtani and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. among the award recipients this year.

In what might have been a bit of an oopsie move, almost all of the winners of the Silver Slugger were accidentally revealed in the list of finalists, with most of the winners being placed first. The only ones where this wasn’t the case were Carlos Correa (Xander Bogaerts won) and German Marquez (Max Fried won).

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