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Cubs Prospect Perspective: Bailey Horn

The Cubs might have got a good under-the-radar guy in the Ryan Tepera trade.

Casey McDonald/South Bend Cubs

One of the really interesting arguments I’d enjoy listening to a back and forth on will never happen. Not because it wouldn’t be interesting, or because people don’t care. People lack knowledge enough to realistically discuss if the Cubs or White Sox would be better at developing a specific pitcher. Nonetheless, it would be a fantastic discussion. I admit to not knowing which applies, though I may have an inkling on my answer. Bailey Horn might have been very fortunate to get traded to the Cubs.

Bailey Horn

Left-haded pitcher. Born January 15, 1998. Waco, Texas
2020 5th Round Draft Pick (White Sox), Auburn University
Acquired in the Ryan Tepera trade with the White Sox

Having gone 26-3 as a junior and senior in high school, Horn pitched for McClennan Community College as a freshman, ranking in the top 75 junior college prospects for the 2018 draft. Unselected in that draft, he moved to Auburn, where he served as the mid-week starter for some of 2019. He started four games in the truncated 2020 season, and debuted as a professional in 2021, as there were no pro games for him to play in, in 2020. He began in Low-A for a team that finished 40-79. In Advanced-A, Horn tossed 11 innings for Winston-Salem, and 21⅔ for South Bend. He walked eleven for both sides.

Horn is a four-pitch guy, and any of them can get outs. Or get reversed in a hurry. For the person who wants every pitcher to be completely developed and finished every step of the way, Horn isn’t your guy. There’s 97/98 in the tank, and he’s currently capable of five innings, or so. (Though the 97 and 98 don’t stick around all night.) I don’t see him long-term as a starting pitcher, but getting him as many starts as possible until he’s pushed to the bullpen in the upper minors gives him more confidence with the pitches he does have.

Not a bad get for a bullpen rental. Here’s some video.