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Cub Tracks’ brief cases

The latest in our long-running series of #Cubs-related news articles. This one shorts out.

1930s Man looking through his briefcase ca. 1936 Photo by: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Welcome to today’s episode of Cub Tracks news and notes™. Here we have material from current beat writers, bloggers, and the occasional in-house habitué, moonlighting. These pieces generally center around #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball.

The Cubs are very unlikely to win the offseason. But they didn’t plan to, so that’s okay. The teams that do seldom win in the regular season, it seems to me. But they have to be acting on some kind of data to do so, don’t they? Don’t they?

Or is it all about multimillion-dollar impulse buys?

Dang. Hey Santa, I wear a Martin in size D28 and a Rickenbacker in size 4003 Jetglo. I also wear green buds in size 28 grams. See if Steve Cohen is willing to float that stuff. Ten grand is pocket change for him.

Did you see Get Back? OMG. I dunno about you, but I talk to myself. About mid-day Saturday, I was doing it in a Scouse accent.

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