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Outside The Confines: Flaming Hot Stove

The Hot Stove went supernova as teams rush to get players signed before an expected lockout. Marcus Semien, Kevin Gausman and Starling Marte are among those signing. A look at that lockout as well.

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Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There was a furious number of reports of free agents and teams coming to an agreement last night. There’s not a lot of analysis of most of those deals yet, but I’m going to try to let you know all the free agents that came off the market. There were also rumors that Max Scherzer is close to a deal with the Mets, although it’s not a done deal. He may be signed somewhere by the time you read this.

So keep watching here and on social media to see what happens over the next probably 12 hours by the time you read this. There were several articles published on Friday and Saturday that were obsolete by the time I wrote this up on Sunday night.

And hey, enjoy today. There may not be another OTC filled with this much actual news in a long, long time. And tomorrow will be a better day than today.