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Outside The Confines: Your World Series winners

Congrats to the 2021 World Series champs!

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Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The crisp air of November is here, and with it, the final days of the baseball season. What began in February with pitchers and catchers reporting to their camps in Florida and Arizona ended in Houston, with one team who didn’t have the best record in baseball getting to declare themselves the best team in baseball.

What a weird sport this is, that we love so much, isn’t it?

On Tuesday night, following a 7-0 shutout victory, the Atlanta Braves were crowned the newest World Series champions, following an intense six-game series. They left no doubt about it in the winning game, trampling Houston’s hopes to force a Game Seven in front of the hometown crowd.

And now, with the World Series complete, hopefully we can vary the content of these posts a little.

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