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Cubs 40-man roster coin-flips: Greg Deichmann

He’s not a bad return as part of the Andrew Chafin deal, but he still likely needs work.

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This is the last in a series on Cubs 40-man roster coin flips. You can read all of the articles in this StoryStream.

While Greg Deichmann’s wasn’t intended to be the last of the series, he ends up being so, shortly after Andrew Chafin declared himself a free agent. In other words, the Cubs have the futures of two prospects for a partial season of a reliever that might, conceivably, return to Wrigley — how very Jason Hammel. While Deichmann didn’t club MLB pitching his first time through, he had a look, and has things to work on, however long his off-season is. Here is my 40-man coin-flip on Deichmann.

Have you ever had a decision to make, and both sides had notable benefits and severe drawbacks? There might even be a third or fourth option, but none are without blowback. Not all choices are easy. In those spots, perhaps you discuss things with someone, and go with whatever seems best, even though it isn’t perfect.

Deichmann wasn’t the ideal Cubs trade return. He cost them a 40-man roster spot immediately, but it’s hard to fathom a better return for Chafin than an MLB-ready(ish) bat and an arm (Daniel Palencia) who can 98/99 into the fourth inning of Low-A starts. Deichmann was already on the Athletics’ 40-man roster because they didn’t want to lose him last December in the Rule 5 Draft. A second-round pick in 2017 out of LSU, Deichmann is still trying to figure out who he is offensively (sell out for power, or make better contact hitting line drives?), and getting dealt midseason after the nonexistent 2020 campaign probably didn’t help.

Back to the decision. You contemplate everything, and go with option B. Why did you go with option B? There were reasons. If you keep true to the logic of why you went with option B, you have something to look back on as a touchstone. Why did the Cubs accept Deichmann in the trade along with Palencia? Probably because they somewhat like the bat, and love the cost-control.

Deichmann doesn’t scream “2022 right fielder,” but if he doesn’t improve over 2021 the next few years, he won’t matter long-term. If he does improve, 2021 doesn’t matter. The hope, the expectation, is that players get better. Between the player and the coaches, that’s why the organization is structured as it is. Far too many people are surprised when players get better. Or worse. That’s how baseball plays out. With Deichmann, do you think he’ll get better? After a non-productive 2020, he had a disrupted 2021. Once he figures out what he wants to do it 2022 and beyond, he should be fine, with the next step being in Triple-A after the lockout. “Better” still might not hit MLB breaking stuff.

If non-tendered, some team would be excesively glad to obtain him. Roster spots aren’t thaaaaaaaat tight. If you mind the waiver wire, second-rounders who reach MLB as quickly as Deichmann are rarely parted with after 30 at-bats without extenuating circumstances. I think he’ll get better, but he deserves a roster spot on December 15th on his draft pedigree and how well he did in Triple-A this season (.822 OPS combined). It isn’t a hard decision.


Should Greg Deichmann be on the Cubs’ 40-man roster on December 15?

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