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Cubs Prospect Perspective: Bryce Windham

He’s 25 and hasn’t played above A-Ball. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be valuable to the Cubs.

Courtesy Old Dominion University

Some of my interruption links last longer than others. If listened to in full, and I recommend it, this will take over an hour. If you’re unfamiliar with Bryce Windham, and care about baseball players as human beings, check it out as you’re chilling. You’ll likely learn a few things. If you have a reasonably normal heart, and grasp of things you might have a new prospect in the pipeline to cheer for. In reality, I’ll let the fantastic podcast speak for itself. My prospect profile on Windham swings in an entirely different direction.

Bryce Windham, infielder

Born September 25, 1996. Norfolk, Virginia.
2019 Draft Pick (Cubs, 32nd Round) Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia)

I’ll start with two interruptions. I have a complete bias toward players from Coastal Carolina and Old Dominion. The Cubs seem to tap both schools regularly in the draft, and whichever player they select and sign has been a very good person. For those of you who think being a good person isn’t important, explain to me why Aroldis Chapman and Addison Russell both had a measure in dropping my happiness in Chicago Cubs baseball at some points.

Back in the day, for one of the rare times, my brothers, father, and I went in to what was then called the Rosemont Horizon. The DePaul Blue Demons, with Mark Aguirre, Terry Cummings, and Clyde Bradshaw led comfortably at the half. In the second half, their game was as functional as the post-break 2021 Padres, and the Demons lost their only game of the regular season. To Old Dominion. Me being able to cheer for anything ODU was a wall I had to climb.

Windham, who has yet to play a game above A-Ball, is 25. That makes him “old” as a baseball prospect. I guess I’m probably supposed to shoot vegetables through a pea shooter at his baseball career because he isn’t 21 or 22 years old. However, and here’s the novel concept for this article, how about we appreciate people for what they are? Not criticize them for what they aren’t?

If Windham were a second-rounder, and your closeted skeletons were to be exposed if Windham weren’t to have a 15 WAR career, that could be problematic. However, that isn’t how life works. Each player in a pipeline, prospect or not, has his own flight plan. If he, whoever “he” is, reaches (I dunno?!?!) 85 percent of a reasonable expectation of a career arc, we should be happy for him.

Windham spent four years on campus, is an opposite field hitter, and players (noth pitchers and hitters) consider him a rock star. I’m supposed to talk negatively about him because he’s 25 years old, when Cubs pitchers love to throw to him? What benefit does that for anyone?

If you’re of the mindset that every player who is of any value should be in MLB by 23 or whatever (game thread word goes here) age, I likely have nothing for you. After an injury, Windham had a sensational August. He likely makes sense in Tennessee in 2022. Is he likely to be a four-year MLB starter? No. If the two categories in life are “four year major league starter” and “worth being talked dismissively about,” I hope you have a few epithets good to go for well over 99 percent of the world.

Windham pushes along my appreciation of Monarchs (ODU) and Chanticleers (CCU). Listen to the podcast. And if someone fusses about a player’s age, ask yourself why it’s so (game thread word) important to them that everyone is Ken Griffey Jr. or Sr.

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