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Outside The Confines: Yasiel Puig settlements went under the radar

The settlements reveal an unpleasant loophole in MLB investigating policies.

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In a new Washington Post story, it has emerged that back in 2017 former Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig settled financially with two different women who had accused him of sexual assault. Puig evidently paid both of these women a combined $325,000, but continued to deny the allegations against him.

I do recommend reading the original Washington Post article, by Gus Garcia-Roberts, but please be advised most of the articles about this story include very detailed descriptions of the assaults, so proceed with caution.

What is interesting about this is how it highlights the limitations MLB has in terms of taking action against players who have been accused of these terrible actions. From an article in Sports Illustrated by Joseph Salvador:

When allegations are made public, the commissioner will swiftly put the player on administrative leave as an investigation takes place. But if an allegation is made privately, MLB will not immediately put the player on leave, because that would make the allegations public. The confidentiality provisions are in place specifically for sensitive and potentially damaging allegations. To some extent, this also prohibits MLB from even telling a player’s team of any allegations they are facing unless it requires disciplinary action, per the Post.

This new information comes on the heels of Puig’s recent signing with a KBO baseball team last week, as well as recent allegations from a third woman, who made her accusations publicly.

Here’s more on the topic:

We won’t be getting into the details as all these reports cover them at length, but this is a very big story at the moment and we wanted to share some of the available information on it.

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