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Outside The Confines: Not a creature was stirring . . .

What will happen when the lockout ends? What are teams doing right now? What did teams do 15 years ago? And other stories from MLB.

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Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

I think that picture is appropriate since MLB is such a Mickey Mouse operation these days. Of course, now I’m going to get in trouble with the Disney Corporation for comparing their mascot to Rob Manfred.

The big news was already covered yesterday by Al when he pointed out the owners and the Players Association aren’t even going to talk about anything substantial until January. So this lockout is going to continue for a while. It does not look like there is much of a chance that Spring Training will start on time, at least not for the major leaguers. The minor league players will still report.

The baseball news is always slow around this time of year and it’s going to be especially slow in a lockout.

That’s all folks. End the lockout.