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Baseball history unpacked, December 20

A thrice-weekly look at #Cubs and #MLB history. This one has a September surprise.

Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue brings a you a light-hearted, Cubs-centric look at baseball’s colorful past, with plenty of the lore and deep dives into various narratives that expand over the course of time. Here’s a handy Cubs timeline, to help you follow along. Don’t be afraid to click the links for ‘inside baseball’ on the entries, which change from year to year as we re-examine the subjects.

Today in baseball history:

Cubs birthdays: Herm Doscher, Fred Merkle, Gabby Hartnett HOF, Marv Felderman, Oscar Gamble, Paul Moskau, Fernando Ramsey, Augie Ojeda, David DeJesus, Trent Giambrone*. Also notable: Branch Rickey HOF.

Today in world history:

  • 69 - General Vespasian’s troops occupy Rome after defeating the Emperor Vitellius.
  • 1192 - Richard the Lionhearted captured in Vienna.
  • 1522 - Suleiman the Magnificent accepts surrender of the surviving Knights of Rhodes, who are allowed to evacuate. They eventually settle in Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta.
  • 1803 - French flag lowered in New Orleans to mark the formal transfer of the Louisiana Purchase from France to USA for $27 million.
  • 1879 - Thomas Edison privately demonstrated incandescent light at Menlo Park.
  • 1925 - National Football League Championship: Chicago Cardinals (11-2-1) win controversial first past the post title; Pottsville Maroons suspended after playing unsanctioned game.
  • 1951 - Walter Zinn’s Experimental Breeder Reactor I, the first nuclear reactor to produce electric power, goes live at the Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
  • 1957 - Elvis Presley receives his draft notice to join the US Army for National Service.
  • 1990 - The world’s first website and server go live at CERN.

Common sources:

There is a very active baseball history community and there are many facets to their views. We strive for clarity. Please be aware that we are trying to make the historical record as represented by our main sources coherent and as accurate as is possible. No item is posted here without corroboration. Some of these items spread from site to site without being verified. That is exactly why we ask for reputable sources, so that we can address them to the originators. BBRef is very cooperative in this regard, as are SABR and the Baseball Almanac. We have removed thenationalpastime from our sourcing list, as there have been multiple complaints about their content and they do not respond to attempts to communicate.

Also please remember that this is supposed to be fun.

Thank you for your cooperation. And thanks for reading!