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Merry Christmas!

Joys of the season to all.

Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope this morning finds you having a happy and peaceful Christmas, and that you got things that make you happy for the holiday.

We as baseball fans still have the lump of coal Rob Manfred and team owners gave us at the beginning of this month — a lockout. Hopefully things get settled soon so that we have the only collective baseball gift we need — a full 2022 MLB season.

For the Cubs, they have apparently decided they might like a high-end gift this holiday in free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa. Beyond what’s in that linked article I posted here Tuesday, there’s this elaboration on Bruce Levine’s original report:

“The consensus is a seven-year deal would be probably what the Cubs are gonna try to convince Correa of doing. I don’t know if that’s going to get it done.”

Seems at least possible, no? This is the season of dreams, right?

We’ll have to wait until post-lockout to find out yes or no. Granted that it’s likely “no.”

In any event, I wish you and your family and everyone here at BCB a wonderful Christmas.