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Outside The Confines: Looking for good news in a lockout

The lockout continues and MLB’s behavior is baffling. Tim Kurkjian is honored by Cooperstown. Should there be a dead period in baseball every year? Plus other baseball news, such as it is.

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Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Tim Kurkjian
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Since we’re not allowed to talk about current players during the lockout, I thought I’d say something about MLB writers. Tim Kurkjian is going into the Hall of Fame and I think it’s amazing that the 1988 Orioles, that team that lost 21 games to start the season, had Kurkjian as their beat writer for the Baltimore (Morning) Sun, Ken Rosenthal as the beat writer for the Baltimore (Evening) Sun and Richard Justice as the beat writer for the Washington Post. I mean, that’s kind of like Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Ferguson Jenkins and Ernie Banks all being on the 103-loss 1966 Cubs. Or maybe more accurately, it’s like Dalton Trumbo, William Goldman and Paddy Chayefsky all writing separate screenplays about an overflowing toilet.

Wait. I’ve just been informed that I am allowed to write about current players. I don’t work for So to quote the immortal Emily Litella, “Never mind.”

Look out, Mama, there’s a white boat coming up the river. End the lockout.