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Outside The Confines: New rules and dead balls

Some interesting stories out of baseball the last couple of days.

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Baseball Bundesliga player Simon Bäumer Photo by Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images

As we approach the start of spring training, we’ve begun to see more chatter and news come out of baseball, especially as it pertains to news of how the game is going to be played this coming season. One of the biggest questions in the minds of fans and players alike was: would the season start on time?

So far everything seems like it’s poised to do just that, as teams released their spring training work out schedules on Tuesday, with players set to report over the next two weeks. Games are sure to look a little different with proposals to limit travel and even boost the number of intrasquad games to lesson exposure risks.

The two biggest bits of news of the week so far (that we reported in a few posts on Tuesday) are the adjusted health and safety protocols MLB released Tuesday to highlight the work they’d be doing to keep players and staff safe, and also the acknowledgement — kind of — that juiced balls were, indeed, a real thing.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.