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Cub Tracks’ nothing for money

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Jose Canseco Opens Showtime Car Wash In Las Vegas Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Here’s Cub Tracks News and Notes, your every-other-day-except-on-weekends escape from the humdrum, in the best shape of our lives (round is a shape, too), tanned, rested, ready. This ain’t workin’, that’s the way to do it.

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. That should generate at least a little optimism. Like most of you, I don’t approve of what MLB and ownership in general do and stand for, but that sentiment doesn’t always have to be in heavy rotation. Nothing for money and your checks for free. Oh wait. Sorry.

Like I wuz sayin’, reasons to be cheerful. You don’t have to be a blockhead to understand that the Cubs have holes, but so do the rest of the teams in the league. Some look better on paper than others.

We’ll have to see how it goes, on the field of play. Between the white lines.

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Front offices are divorcing themselves from risk. — Buster Olney.

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