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Kris Bryant tells you why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about him

He’s getting transparency from Jed Hoyer, too.

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

As you know, I have long been skeptical of most trade rumors that fly around social media.

That’s why I was gratified to read this article by Meghan Montemurro in the Tribune about Kris Bryant, his reactions to said rumors, and how he’s being treated by Cubs President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer.

It starts by saying that Bryant had received a text from a number he didn’t recognize that read, “Welcome to the Mets.”

But the article goes on to say that Bryant spoke with his agent, Scott Boras, and Boras was told by Hoyer that this wasn’t true and “nothing was going on.”

I was most struck by this part of the article:

One element of uncertainty that has changed for Bryant: the transparency from the Cubs front office since Hoyer took over as president of baseball operations in November.

“Honestly, I’ve really appreciated that and never had that type of security or communication,” Bryant said Thursday. “So that was met very well, and I really appreciate that from (Hoyer) and I let him know that we’re on great terms.

There’s an implication here that’s somewhat remarkable. If Bryant says he has “never had that type of security or communication,” that means that over all the years he’s spent in the Cubs organization when Theo Epstein was in charge, that sort of thing didn’t happen.

Interesting, and so is this quote from KB:

“It really doesn’t bother me much anymore because it’s just nice to know, when there’s all these reports and stuff out there that say one thing and then you actually hear it from the actual person that has the ability to trade you that none of it’s true and there’s been no substantial anything going on it’s, like, OK. So it’s going to be hard for me to believe anything out there from now on. Because I understand a lot of people have to talk and just throw stuff out there, but Jed told me that is not true, really makes me feel good. And I’m here to help the Cubs win and do what I’ve been doing here for the last six years.”

To wrap this up, I’ll once again note my skepticism when it comes to trade rumors. Sure, some of them turn out to be true, as was the case when Yu Darvish was traded to the Padres in December. But the vast majority of trade rumors you see on social media have no basis in fact. I won’t traffic in those.

I’ll maintain what I have believed all along: That the Cubs are going to try for one more run with the current core in 2021. If they get to near the trading deadline and it’s not working, well, then you might see one or more of the core traded. If not, Bryant and the two other core players who are free agents at the end of 2021 (Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo) will be Cubs all year, and who knows? Perhaps the team can figure out a way to keep all of them.