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Wrigley Field is the most expensive park in baseball

... at least by one measure.

Wrigley Field in 2019, the last year any fans were inside
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The Cubs haven’t sold a single ticket at Wrigley Field since September 2019.

The team hopes to have some fans in the park sometime this season.

According to this article, Wrigley was the most expensive park in baseball by one recent measure:

Costs were based on one general admission ticket, two beers, a hot dog and parking via Team Marketing Report’s 2019-2020 Fan Cost Index report.

Here’s the MLB list, from that article:

The specific breakdown of that $109.78 total cost is:

Ticket: $57.87
Beer: $10/16oz ($20 for 2)
Hot Dog: $6.75
Parking: $25.16

Now, of course not everyone who goes to a Cubs game spends money in that exact form. Many Cubs fans take public transit to the ballpark, or if they live in the neighborhood, walk. So that would reduce the total cost.

The average ticket price as noted above is just below the top average MLB ticket price from that survey, $60.09 to go to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

The Cubs have not yet been approved for fans at Wrigley this year, so they have not yet set any procedures nor ticket prices. Season ticket prices for 2021 were mostly flat from 2020 (which obviously had no tickets actually sold), and that was largely the same as 2019. So I’d expect single-game ticket pricing to be about the same.

That all depends, of course, on how many fans are allowed in Wrigley and when, and those could increase as the season goes on.

As always, we await developments.