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Cub Tracks is strong to the finish

#Cubs and #MLB news for you.

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Rubber Face Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

Barring incidental weirdness, this is probably the group that the Cubs will be taking to camp. There are arms to try out, righties to spell Joc Pederson, four or five middle infielders around, and plenty of room for suspects to become training camp prospects. None of those infielders will be Kolten Wong, who has been added to the Milwaukee Brewers middle infielder collection. We hope things fall sunny-side-up.

It’s a balmy 82° F here in southern Arizona, and some of my ‘thoughts’ have turned to Spring Training. I wish that I could attend. I love me a road trip and I have a spiffy new turquoise Nissan. But, the pandemic, you know. So, theater of the mind.

The writers have also turned their gazes to the Valley of the Sun, where forces are due to converge in a fortnight. Aides-de-camp will be decamping equipment in a few days in Gilbert and Chandler and other points west.

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